We edge all our clients to abide with the Covid-19 health guidelines so that we can all be safe.

Kapesika Mining and Gold Processing has taken many proactive steps to respond to the global impact of the Covid-19 virus emergency – for our employees, customers, and other partners.

We are 100% focused on maintaining as far as possible, the essential services to our customers and the communities we serve. We are prioritising the health and safety of our employees and all who come into contact with our business during this challenging time.

In immediate response to the crisis, we have set up global, regional and local Covid-19 teams building on the Company’s existing crisis and business continuity plans. The Global team is monitoring the development of the pandemic, as well as the advice given by national governments and health entities around the world – to ensure that appropriate action is taken in every market in which we operate.

At every office or location across countries, we are taking many actions to keep our people and our customers safe. In Africa, staff at each of our service stations in different countries, have implemented the emergency response plan to make stations as safe as possible for staff and customers, with strong focus on appropriate sanitization products. Several are using television screens in our convenience stores to play World Health Organisation advice to help educate customers about how Covid-19 spreads and how to protect against it. Elsewhere, in the Americas, colleagues have rolled out Kapesika’s emergency response plan across 110 sites in nine countries, and are using social distancing aids on floors and customers are using the ‘Kapesika Pay App’ to pay at the pump. We have also gone into local partnerships with “Uber Eats” to create the capability to deliver our convenience offer direct to our customers’ door. In recent days, many of our office-based employees are following the advice and guidance of local Governments and working from home or self-isolating to stay safe and avoid spreading the virus.

Kapesika Mining and Gold Processing has a range of policies to support staff as they seek to balance their professional and personal lives at this difficult time, in line with all local regulatory and other requirements. Our front-line teams in our refineries and fuel terminals are also working hard to maintain essential supplies as safely as possible.

We are also paying close attention to how Covid-19 may impact the business in terms of short- to medium-term demand and liquidity given the uncertainty of the global economic outlook. Our Executive Team is closely monitoring and considering the potential impacts. We will provide a more detailed update in our first-quarter 2020 results announcement.

The Company has recently demonstrated a clear track record of delivery against the Management team’s commitments. In the recent full-year results, Kapesika Mining and Gold Processing outlined a series of operational improvements and the positive impact of these on the business and its bottom line. This means that Kapesika Energy & Petroleum is an increasingly resilient business, and therefore better placed, both to address and whether the market volatility and uncertainty in these unprecedented times. Kapesika Mining and Gold Processing has also made material progress in reinforcing and building an experienced and stable leadership team, which gives us confidence that we can navigate these external challenges effectively.

These are exceptional times in terms of the macroeconomic environment, and the steps Kapesika Mining and Gold Processing is taking to respond to these developments will help protect our employees and our business, as we face into the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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